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Black Desert Online Reveals More Details To Next 2023 Expansion

May 09, 2023May 09, 2023

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Pearl Abyss dropped a ton of details this week for the upcoming expansion to Black Desert Online: Land Of The Morning Light

Pearl Abyss has revealed a ton of details about their upcoming expansion for Black Desert Online, as we have learned a lot more about what's on the way. Land Of The Morning Light will serve as the first major expansion for the game in 2023, and it certainly shows as we're getting a ton of new additions, the twin classes finally coming to the main game, a number of enhancements, and several improvements to already-established mechanics. We have the full list of notes from the devs, images, and a new video for you below, as the content will be released on June 16th.

Black Desert Online's latest expansion takes Adventurers on a perilous and completely different kind of journey through the mythical Land of the Morning Light. In the new expansion, players will experience the following features:

Hailing from the Land of the Morning Light, the original twin female classes, Woosa and Maegu, will see their new, evolved classes arrive very soon with new looks, skills, and fighting abilities. Woosa Awakening draws strength from the Seocheon Flower Garden found in the Korean afterlife as she seeks to harness her newly discovered divine powers.

As Maegu embarks on her Awakening quest, she gains profound insight into herself and re-learns to wield the fan. Although her awakening skills are still in the final stages of development, Pearl Abyss discussed Maegu Awakening's combat style featuring dual fan techniques and a melee-heavy combat approach.

In their comprehensive 40-minute stream today, Pearl Abyss' studio shared their sources of inspiration for the expansion, discussed key learnings from the Korean launch for the worldwide launch, revealed a new boss for the global launch, discussed new gear and went into detail about Woosa's and Maegu's Awakenings.

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