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The Flash Movie Ben Affleck Batman and Batcycle Get Hot Toys

Jul 23, 2023Jul 23, 2023

Michael Keaton gets most of the Batman love from The Flash movie, but don't forget the other caped crusader.

This could be Ben Affleck‘s last movie under the cowl, give or take a potential Aquaman 2 cameo. Affleck will exit the role having played Batman in four movies, not one of which was technically a Batman film. Despite the divisiveness of both Zack Snyder and Joss Whedon's directions, though, many viewers agree the actor was the best thing about their movies.

Naturally, Hot Toys couldn't miss the chance to make his last Batsuit and Batcycle.

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As noted in our review of McFarlane Toys’ take on this costume, it's an odd mix of elements. There's the organic-looking, second-skin style rubbery cowl. Then that's combined with tactical armor that looks almost like a tribute to old Hasbro figures’ clip-on gear. As for the Affleck likeness, it's not quite as apparent as before, but that seems to be a design choice. Like many recent Hot Toys figures, he includes the rolling eyeball effect.

As per Hot Toys, he also includes, "three interchangeable lower faces that capture different expressions, an extra cowled head with separate rolling eyeballs and seamless neck joint; also a specialized body highlighting his muscular physique. The screen-accurate Batman outfit in silver-grey scheme embellished with distinct texture shows signs of weathering, comes with adjustable armors around chest and foot, sculpted utility belt in metallic gold and wired fabric cape; detailed weapons including a grapple device, Batarangs. and a specially designed LED lighted display stand with Batman logo."

The Batcycle features movable panels, adjustable wheels, rubbery tires, a clip-on exhaust effect, and LED headlights and tail lights. Fans can purchase Batman separately for $290 and the bike for $410, or save with a package deal for $665.

That's a hefty chunk of cash, though payment plans are available; delivery is expected sometime in the second half of next year. On the fence? Check out more official images below:

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