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What Musicians From Each Country Wore to Kick Off Eurovision 2023

Jul 26, 2023Jul 26, 2023

The 2023 Eurovision Song Contest is officially underway.

Each year, countries around the world choose a musical representative of their nation to perform in the contest hosted by the European Broadcasting Union. Multiple rounds and audience votes determine the year's best song, and the competition is then hosted in the winner's home country the following year.

Previous winners include Celine Dion, ABBA, Måneskin, and most recently, Ukraine's Kalush Orchestra.

This year's contest is being held in Liverpool, England — a spot chosen to avoid conflicts with Russia after Ukraine's 2022 victory — and will be streamed in the US via Peacock starting on Tuesday.

And to kick off the event, participants walked the turquoise carpet at Eurovision's opening ceremony on Saturday in standout outfits. Here's what the representatives of each country wore.

Her custom Agro Studio dress wrapped around her body to create a form-fitting skirt and a hood that extended from one of its long sleeves.

There was also an extra piece of fabric that draped down her hip into a short train.

On Instagram, the electronic music duo explained that the names and weights printed on their suit jackets were those of children born prematurely and underweight during the war in Ukraine.

The garments were a collaboration between the band and UNITED24, Ukraine's official fundraising platform founded by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

He wore a black, button-up top over dark trousers and a white, racing-style jacket with black stripes.

Forrer was also joined by dancers clad in black outfits with mesh detailing and cutouts, who seemingly hinted at his upcoming Eurovision performance.

Her white, sleeveless gown was embellished with ruffles and a short slit in its skirt that revealed her platform heels.

She wore a see-through, lace-embellished jumpsuit with white fringe hanging from its strapless neckline, and a ruffled cape with a long train that wrapped around her on the floor.

To complete the look, the singer added gold arm bands with red fringe hanging down each one.

Some members of the band wore standout jackets, while others donned see-through blouses.

Ruffled flowers wrapped around one shoulder of his oversized, blue button-up shirt, which he wore with baggy, gray trousers and Oxford shoes.

Standout pieces of their outfits included a mesh robe, a leopard-print corset, a pajama-style suit, and a tulle bow tie.

He paired his black-and-white blazer with rolled shorts, knee-high socks, red sunglasses, and dark boots decorated with roses.

Portuguese designer Dino Alves created her black gown, which had balloon sleeves that matched her puffed skirt. The latter also had tulle poking out at the bottom.

The singer completed the look with red heels, a statement gold necklace, and matching drop earrings.

Her outfit included a strapless bralette covered in crystals, green gloves, and a full, high-waisted skirt with the word "bejba" written in pink across its train.

The word means baby in Polish, and is one of the singer's nicknames.

She also wore a black, strapless gown with a thigh-high slit, a fringe cape, and lace gloves.

Mia wore a chainmail-style piece over her strapless minidress, while Dion paired his pinstripe suit with layered chain necklaces.

He wore his shining outfit with a low-cut top and black sandals.

Their yellow and blue outfits featured a blend of ruching and textured fabric, and the band accessorized with everything from sunglasses to a saxophone.

The off-the-shoulder dress, designed by UTA studio, had a corseted bodice and high-low skirt that flowed into a long train.

While one member wore a denim button-up tucked into jeans, another member went barefoot on the red carpet.

He wore a black, sleeveless top tucked into leather pants, and a matching leather vest on top. He also wore gold jewelry and a belt with a thick, silver buckle.

She wore a silver ensemble designed by Alon Livne. It featured an asymmetrical bralette and column skirt that slanted below her stomach.

Each member of the band took a different approach to their black outfits.

One wore a sparkling jumpsuit, while another donned a printed tuxedo. Another member sported pinstripes, and a fourth paired sneakers with his casual outfit.

You might think her long-sleeved top and pants were crafted from denim — but they were actually only printed with photos of the fabric.

His red-carpet look included a tan blazer with one side of his jacket tucked into his khaki shorts and a brown T-shirt.

Each member of the band wore a thick black coat over all-black outfits, and they completed their looks with boots.

The minidress was embellished with rows of crystals and a printed Georgian phrase. It was designed by the Georgian fashion brand History.

Her black-and-white, diamond-print gown had a fitted, long-sleeved bodice and full, floor-length skirt.

It was designed by Romain Thevenin, who said on Instagram that its design was inspired by "Alice in Wonderland" and French royalty.

Instead of a shirt, he wore puffy green sleeves connected by a thin strip of fabric above his chest. The rapper also wore neon-green pants with studs and knee pads.

She wore a black, single-strap dress with a thigh-high slit on the red carpet, and added square-toe boots and a silver chain necklace to complete the look

On top, she also wore a tan overcoat with ruched sleeves and torn fabric.

He wore a bedazzled mesh top underneath a cropped blazer, and pants with the same pink stripes and crystal embellishments his jacket had.

For accessories, the musician carried heart-shaped balloons and a purse filled with lollipops.

Some of their gowns were strapless with ruffled necklines, while others were sleeveless or had short, sheer sleeves.

To complement his oversized white vest and matching pants, the singer donned purple velvet sneakers and sunglasses in the same color.

But while posing for photos, the band removed their jackets to reveal white petticoats and shirts with children's faces on them.

On Instagram, the band wrote that "children should not be stolen" alongside a photo of their outfits.

Both the sleeves of his suit jacket and the legs of his pants had thin slits on the edges. The sleeves were also decorated with white ruffles.

The twin brothers wore floral blouses in contrasting colors, but they matched the rest of their outfits. They donned leather waist corsets, black trousers, and dark dress shoes.

Their outfits were designed by CI W EN.

Teya's black ensemble featured an animal-print jacket over baggy pants and combat boots, while Salena's gray look had a striped jacket and cargo pants tucked into stiletto boots.

Houndstooth was a popular print among the band, with three members wearing it across their sequin-covered pants.

Two other members opted for the same sparkling fabric but in animal prints.

Narek Jhangirian designed her two-piece outfit, which included a silver, sculptured bralette and a black, mermaid-style skirt.

Designer Saime Buleshka created the performer's outfit.

It had a mesh jumpsuit covered in sequins and beads underneath a black gown with bow-shaped sleeves and a thigh-high slit in its full skirt.

Albina's family members, on the other hand, opted for a mix of jewel-toned gowns and dark suits.

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