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Big and Surprisingly Comfortable

Sep 05, 2023Sep 05, 2023

Few large backpacks on the market are lightweight, feature durable materials, and haul a lot of gear comfortably. The Tenba Axis V2 32L manages to check each of those boxes. It can carry multiple camera systems, lenses, a tripod, a water bottle, and a 17″ laptop with room to spare.

A side pocket allows photographers to access their primary camera body without setting the backpack on the ground. The Axis V2 series is also the first to feature a hidden Tile or Air Tag pocket. It's large, boxy, and features plenty of padding for daily commutes.

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You can haul lots of gear comfortably with the Tenba Axis V2 32L. The laptop sleeve will fit up to a 17″ laptop, and it has a waterproof zipper for added safety. The padding on the shoulder straps, waist belt, and back panel is excellent.

It's designed with exceptionally durable fabric and thoughtful details. The reflective MOLLE webbing is a great safety feature when commuting. Users can attach other Tenba accessories for added versatility. And there is a hidden Air Tag or Tile pocket.

There's a lot to like about this bag. However, a few missed opportunities also kept it from being rated higher. The Axis V2 32L features a dual harness strap for extra comfort. As wonderful of a feature as this is, it won't fit most women. As well, there are no designated SD pockets. And the tripod straps are proprietary and time-consuming.

We are giving the Tenba Axis V2 32L four out of five stars. Want one for yourself? You can buy it for $299.95.

We tested Tenba's Axis V2 32L with the following gear:

The blueprint of the Axis V2 32L isn't groundbreaking. It includes several excellent features like a waist strap, dual sternum straps, and multiple access points. There is also a hidden pocket for a Tile or Air Tag.

Two words that won't be used to describe this backpack are small and compact. The 32L pack is large and boxy. It's a little shy of two feet tall, weighs 5.6 pounds, and is slimmer than some of the others on the market. It's great for hauling all your gear on an airplane and stowing it overhead.

At the top, you will find a sturdy grab handle and a zipper for top access. I like to put my personal items here.

The front of the bag features reflective stitching for added safety. Other Tenba accessories will attach to the mobile webbing. You can access the tripod pocket inside a zipper at the bottom. But, the tripod straps are basic and time-consuming. I wish they would have spent a few extra dollars for something more convenient.

Tenba's Axis V2 32L has two front storage pockets. The first features a hidden pouch for an Air Tag or Tile. It is an excellent feature to see, especially after an airline lost my suitcase on a trip to Ireland this past summer.

You will also find several small pockets for smaller items and a zippered pouch for things like cables.

Your 17″ laptop or tablet will also fit in the front pocket if you choose.

Next is a laptop sleeve that features a waterproof zipper. It will accommodate up to a 17″ laptop.

One of the sides features an expandable side pocket. It is excellent for storing a gimbal, small tripod, or a water bottle.

A zippered pocket is located on the other side to access your primary camera without having to set the bag on the ground.

The main compartment of the Axis V2 32L is on the back. As you can see, it allows you to haul a lot of gear. The inside of the back panel also features a zippered pocket. Yet, one thing missing is a designated memory card pocket.

Padded shoulder straps, a back pad, and a waist belt are on the back. There is also a pass-through trolley strap which makes traveling with the Axis V2 32L more convenient.

The Tenba Axis V2 32L features durable material that withstands moisture and the abuse of a daily commute. Its all-weather nylon in the black version is easy to clean and feels like it will withstand the stress of traveling. This bag became my new kitten's favorite toy. Pip plays with it daily and it still looks brand new.

Only the laptop sleeve zipper is waterproof, but Tenba includes a rain fly to protect your precious gear in the wettest conditions. I used this on a full-day model portfolio update. It was a rainy day and the Axis V2 32L held up quite well; my gear was well protected. I wish the manufacturer would have splurged for more premium tripod straps. The basic ones included are cumbersome and time-consuming.

The Tenba Axis V2 32L pack is created for photographers to access gear quickly. I appreciate the side access so that I don't have to put the bag on the ground to access my camera. Tenba's waist belt fits comfortably and places most of the weight on the hips. The padded shoulder straps are comfortable and don't dig in when packing the bag to capacity.

Tenba's dual sternum straps feel like an excellent afterthought. However, the second strap will not fit many women. And the basic tripod straps are inconvenient.

The Tenba Axis V2 32L pack is an excellent choice for the bustling photographer with a lot of gear. Tenba has included several thoughtful features for added security and comfort. It will make going through the airport security line less arduous.

There are a few areas that could be improved upon. It would be great if the tripod straps were more user friendly. I would prefer a designated memory card pocket instead of having to have a memory card wallet. In the future, we would love to see Tenba consult more women for its sternum strap design. It's a thoughtful feature that comes up short.

Tech specs are from the Tenba website.

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