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Hailey Bieber Wore a Super Oversized “Matrix” Leather Jacket — See Photos

Mar 15, 2023Mar 15, 2023

By Kara Nesvig

Hailey Bieber, are you in there? The model is practically swimming in her (super, suuuuuuper) oversized black leather jacket, so much so that she almost literally disappears right into it.

Yes, Hailey Bieber was spotted in Los Angeles in the latest evolution of the long leather coat trend, a motorcycle-style that is so big, it actually hits the sidewalk.

The jacket hangs off her shoulders with tons of volume at the back and sleeves, and while you could technically belt it á la a trench coat, I don't know why you would, given the belt practically hangs to the ground, and you'd essentially be belting your knees.

The mechanics of this jacket are puzzling indeed, as is the fact that Bieber wore such a heavy leather piece in June in Los Angeles, but hey — celebs must live in a different climate than the rest of us.

Bieber wore the coat with a cropped tee, baggy navy athletic trousers, and black and white trainers and she styled it with her signature skinny '90s sunglasses.

By Emily Tannenbaum

By Chloe Laws

By Laura Hampson

Leather jackets are a mainstay of Bieber's wardrobe, and she particularly loves an oversized style. Leather jackets and jeans are her unofficial uniform; Vogue even rounded up the many, many ways she's worn the combo in 2023 alone. She wore a similar moto-style jacket with a bra top while leaving the gym with Kendall Jenner, though that jacket was approximately half the size of her June coat.

The model and Rhode founder is one of the biggest street style icons and has already solidified the baggy leather jacket as a year-round must, so we do not blame her for raising the stakes on her favorite trend. I'll just wait until it's not 80 degrees to give it a spin.

This story originally appeared on Teen Vogue.