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Kate Beckinsale Wore Sheer Micro

Aug 01, 2023Aug 01, 2023

Sheer dress, goodbye; sheer bodysuit, hello! Kate Beckinsale said give me glitter and give me legs, and her designer said, Bet.

Beckinsale attended the red-carpet premiere of The Pot au Feu at the Cannes Film Festival in a sheer, bejeweled body suit that boasts long sleeves and short shorts. The color can only be described as that of every 2000s girl's dream car. Thanks to crystal embellishments and chandelier-like strings of beads, it's actually not that revealing. Reminds me a bit of Taylor Swift's bodysuit in the cover art for her new collab with Ice Spice, or the sheer-with-embellishments gown Beckinsale wore in March. Still, it's no match for the levels of see-through displayed by Irina Shayk, who wore underwear and, like, a piece of netting and called it a day.

This is Cannes, baby—you can't just slip into something sparkly. Beckinsale also wore a voluminous silk skirt tied at her waist, giving the whole thing an updated Charles James silhouette (not James Charles, which I originally typed; very different person).

Kate Beckinsale completed the look with dark nails, platform heels, a bouncy updo, and jade earrings. Super spring-y!

The color choice here is simply brilliant. It's the exact opposite of the color of the carpet, so she stands out amid a sea of couture, but it's also light enough to not be an eyesore. It could pass for pastel.

Frankly, though, I far prefer Kate Beckinsale's at-home style. Take for instance this picture of her, still in full hair and makeup, rocking a baby tee and sweatpants along with earrings and a fat diamond and emerald necklace to pose for a picture with her cat…who has a hoodie and chain. Obviously. Duh.

Peep the pink claw covers.

This is a cat who also received a full makeover including lashes and face gems and is frankly more fabulous than you or I could ever hope to be.

So I guess the question is, Why are there no felines on the Cannes carpet? We were already denied Choupette at the Met Gala. Will the entire year pass without a single cat on a step-and-repeat?

Originally Appeared on Glamour