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This Wearable Cooler Straps Around Your Waist and uses Phase Change Materials to Keep You Cool

May 02, 2023May 02, 2023

While Dyson is out there selling air-purifying headphones, the guys at Torras are quite literally doing god's work. After building an entire series of neck-worn air conditioners, the folks at Torras are back with the Coolify Zone, a waist-worn cooler that uses a combination of fans and PCMs (phase change materials) to rapidly cool your body down by as much as 18°F. Powered by an internal motor capable of 1000RPM, the Coolify Zone blows cool air upwards to your torso, while absorbing heat from your waist. Mimicking the effect of having an AC blowing cool breeze on you, the Coolify Zone works for as long as 15 hours on a single charge cycle, helping you stay cool outdoors while you’re jogging, doing yoga, dancing, camping, fishing, or just trying to experience nature while simultaneously trying to beat the heat.

Designer: Torras Design

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The Coolify Zone works like your own personal air conditioner that's strapped to your waist, cooling your torso and effectively your entire body. Two high-speed centrifugal fans push air upwards, while the phase change material built into the Coolify Zone helps chill the air, doing exactly what an air conditioner does, but with much more energy efficiency. The PCM also absorbs heat from your body, cooling you down much faster and more effectively than just a fan would.

You can toggle between different modes to adjust the cooling intensity on your Coolify Zone. A built-in 4000mAh battery gives the wearable anywhere between 5-15 hours of run-time, lasting long enough to cover your daily jog, a long trek, or a walk in the summers. The device charges via USB-C too, working with all conventional power banks or even your Android charger.

The one catch to the Coolify Zone is that it works best under clothing. Wear it under a tee or a tank top, and the fabric of the garment helps contain the air from the fan, giving you its maximum effect. You could wear the Coolify Zone without a shirt or with a sports bra if you’re a woman, but you risk the chance of wind from the fan blowing in other directions too. An outer garment helps best with containing the breeze, cooling you to the best of its ability. If you want to feel even cooler, just pair the Coolify Zone with one of Torras’ neck-worn devices like the Coolify 2S, which uses semiconductor cooling plates, and you’ll be cooler than an iced latte!

The Coolify Zone starts at a mere $101 (that's approx 89% cheaper than the Dyson Zone), and comes with an adjustable belt strap, a touchpad to control intensity, and a standby button to power on/off your device. The Torras Coolify Zone ships with a 30-day return policy, a 180-day limited warranty, and lifetime support for any issues or troubleshooting.

Click Here to Buy Now: $101 $179 ($78 off total with coupon code "yanko2023"). Hurry, deal ends in 48 hours!

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